Who is vulnerable to depression and mental illness?

Who is vulnerable from the following?

  • The greatest entertainer
  • A wealthy successful business person
  • A local friend

All the above

So is the vulnerable to depression. Most people will probably say a local friend who may have nothing. Believe it or not the answer is all the above.

The entertainer

May not get work or the person tricks and gags have no effect on the audience and lose faith.

A wealthy successful business person

Ideas running out, stress and pressure getting to them and the competition over take them from the top of the food chain.

A local friend

Work, family, and personal issues can get on top of the person.

Depression and other mental illness if not treated becomes a killer. Like myself I almost became a number to its tally. How did I survive? With the right treatment by going to the doctors and finding out what it is.

My symptoms for depression were:

  • On edge
  • Out of character
  • No sleep
  • Feeling helplessness and hopeless
  • Self-loathing
  • And the main alarm bell for me suicidal thought.
  • Anger

With help I’m almost back how I was but still a long way to go. If you’re not yourself or need to know the signs and symptoms click on link below or see a doctor. It may be a bad day in the office or under attack from an illness so check to be safe than sorry and suffer.


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