Depress of being bored, get a hobby or two

It’s been hard recently. Christmas is coming and unlike me for the first time I haven’t organise my time even though everything is setup ready for me to crack on. Think I had no go thanks to my possess demon depression, trying to attack. However I kept going taking my mind of it with some chilling time and hobbies. I was busy got stuck into jewellery making, thinking a story line, playing Hyrule warriors and listening to a DVD. My warpy mind did make some comments like, “I hate my life” “I hate …. (somebody’s name at random)” “about time you left your life”. Yes, however I just asked it really why? And it responded “because you haven’t got a girlfriend, your jewellery is not selling, your photography hasn’t been noticed, you’re behind in your life and you’re unsuccessful at everything.” It made a valid pointing and it ordered me to cut myself. However unlike the last two attempts my mind was sound and the only thing I was cutting is thread, elastic and wire. I remember a song take that had sung “Have a little patience.” I just ignored it and grinned when I took out Argonok a demon dragon to finish a quest off. If you are bored, depress and nothing to do, join a class and/or team, start a hobby, and exercise to get that heart going. Also get yourself checked out to be safe than sorry. Believe in yourself and have a little patience.


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