How much more can my mental soul can take?

For the first time, I’ve asked that question. It’s getting harder and harder everyday however I was coping and bouncing back but after hearing bad news within the family that cancer remains, it has knocked me back again and the depression warpy mind fed from it. I feel torn and ripped up inside. Even though it was a good day like helping a friend out and having a steady day before receiving the news, then all of the sudden I felt like been hit hard and knocked down. Then I feel like I’ve been put into a submission hold that it looks like I cannot break out off. What do you do look for a way to break out and continue to fight on or do I tap out ending the torment and releasing myself from this painful experience. I will be honest, I am worn out, tired and cannot take much more torment that life has thrown at me. So what option do I take? Breakout or tap out, only I can make that choice.

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