Its only words

‘Sticks and stone can break your bones but words cannot hurt me’

A famous quote that is almost true. If you say the right words in the right situation it can almost influence a person. Words can be a big booster as well as being harmful. Throughout our lives we all experience both sets of words, positive and negative. Unfortunately I have experience more negative words which triggered depression, however it’s all changing. You can help many people who are look and/or feeling down, by praise them or say something good since it will goes a long way and give them a booster. Praise people when they have done a good job, achieve something and playing well for you. however if someone saying bad words to you and trying to wind you up, try to ignore them because they could be jealous of you and/or your reputation. So praise more and be positive with your words and your actions. Remember its only words a sound we make that is very fragile and can’t go through solid barriers.

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