Depression review

I had a review for my depression tablets Thursday 8th Jan. I thought long and hard and my choice was stay on them for a little bit longer. yes most people are thinking why?

my main reason was I believe I am not ready yet that I still need them since my mental state (my mind) is not at the right place or time to come off them.

there were other reasons as well like uncontrollable negative environment, events that affected me but it was beyond my control, and unfinished problems.

so I am still  on the tablets, holding my head high and feeling proud of myself.

when you have a medical review like tablets remember its your health and be honest to yourself Are you ready to move on? yes or no, and don’t be afraid to say no because people respect and admire you more for making a honest truthful decision also its your health and nobody else’s, if your not ready or rushing your treatment you could fall back to the very beginning and the progress you have made will go down in vain.

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