Scar of the bully


I’ve must have admitted I’ve been bullied during my school life however it was a mild form like verbal abuse. I was quite lucky though since there were stories that other children suffered badly from bullying which led to suicide. Now in this day of age we are more vulnerable now since bullying has evolved and poison one of the most powerful and influence people on the planet, social media. Social media like Facebook and twitter can be used as a tool for cyber bullying where bullies can post anything that will greatly affect other people personally.


How do we tackle bullies?


We can report them to a grown adult or somebody neutral. On social media, you can possibly report them to the websites administer or block them. Or just simply ignore them and rise above them. But do not meet or fuel there needs like fights or their blackmail, otherwise it will get worse and you will sink to their level. After dealing with the bully saga it can leave a scar for the rest of your life however it can be advantage to you. Use it to be a stronger person and help others who could be suffering and tell them you’re are not alone. Never dwell because if it doesn’t take your life, it will make you a stronger person so rise above them and carry on with your life since it’s their problem in the long term.


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