living with depression


Living with depression is depending on the person. Some people may find it easy others harder. For me I have learnt to adapt to it and learn about myself more. However it can be a friend and an enemy. Friendly, that helped me understand where as an enemy plays and manipulate my mental state. Recently I have been having good days and using it to my advantage. When I take my daily tablet sometimes I think do I really this other times I’m glad I’ve taken this. Even though I have my next review is in 6 month’s time I believe that I will learn more about myself and become a lot stronger than I was since our real strength comes from knowing our weaknesses. My weakness at this point of time is my mental state. So I need to learn more about it. And my road to recovery, few people said to me about times you have come off them. An old Indian saying “there are many paths to one goal” my goal is to learn more about myself. How do I live with it?


Taking my tablet is one however there are a lot of other aspects as well.


My hobbies kept me occupied so take a few up.



Go the extra mile, I have been doing this lately going the extra to help people. Not only it makes the persons day, it will make your day as well know you’ve done an act of kindness.


Take up fitness this was the biggest test since my knee has been playing up however I’ve tried and sticking to yoga. It took my mind away from things like anxiety and depression also it helped me focus and compose myself. One simple pose is to sit cross legged, hands on you knee caps, sit straight and chin parallel to the ground, close your eyes and relax. Concrete on your breathing for five minutes.


So the next review is in 6 months, who knows what will happen between now and July time.

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