My Grandparents emergency cottage pie

The grandparents went out for a day trip to the shopping centre. As time went pass Lucy, our trustful black lab, was hinting me its time for her lunch/dinner. I looked at the time and it was getting on a bit. So I done nan’ s shores feeding the animals and thought why don’t I cook for them. Since I had no car keys (grandad took them with him) and measuring instruments since nan reorganised the kitchen it was a challenge. I looked around and spotted beef mince and potatoes. Cottage pie it is. I cut the potatoes into small chunks and started boiling them with some season. I chop an onion and sweat it in a frying pan before adding the mince. Also I added beef steak seasoning (herbs and spices) and spoon of baked beans since its nan’s recipe I’m trying to remember. After finishing off the mixture for the bottom layer I spread it out in a small dish adding a bit more season to taste. Test the potatoes until soft, I drained the water and started mashing them and added cheese and butter. After that I spread the mash on top of the mixture and sprinkled cheese on top red Leicester for nan’s third and mature white for grandads third for me a bit of both in the middle. After that the grandparents came in and thanked me for preparing the cottage pie ready for the oven. Nan pop it in the oven think it was for 30 – 45 minutes gas mark 5. She served it with mushrooms and the remaining baked beans. Not bad for my first one since I’m used to making lasagna and fish pie.

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