My yoga experience


I have been doing yoga for 3 weeks now and I have learnt a lot from it. It may be hard to do first however if you continue doing it, it will get easier and easier. The impossible poses become possible to do but it takes time to them. If we adapt this to our daily lives it will get easier as our self-problems like for me depression and anxiety slowly disappear. Also downloading an app for yoga I recommend daily yoga app. there are some free programs and sessions to do in your own time. So Practice to make things easier and impossible becomes possible (be realistic though) learn from your experiences to become wiser.


Enjoy life with the people you love
we have a heart to love, kindness and be merciful

2 thoughts on “My yoga experience

  1. Its a wonderful passion. You’ll never reach the peak of perfection but your practice should be all about progress. You definitly get better at it and the best part is you get to conncet to your soul and the world around you! Hope you conquer everything youre aiming for! Namaste (:

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