Anglesey Abbey 2015 snowdrop collection


Every year around February time I make my traditional pilgrimage to Anglesey abbey to see a very unique collection. There are 20 species and over 2000 varieties around the globe. I am going to see around 200 different varieties (estimate). The winter garden itself welcomes you with its fragrance, making you forget ‘it’s cold’ dotted around the estate is all different snowdrops. There were also other locations only ticket holders can go to. Lucky I had a ticket. It was very rewarding and eye catching to see all the different snowdrops even though they were breaking the life rules. Three outer and inner petals with two leaves. I still believe the best collections are flowers because they don’t move (unless you touch them or they dance in the gentle breeze) there are different varieties and you can spend all the time you want with them. Feel free to look at the photos below by clicking on the link and enjoy its beauty.

snowdrops 2015

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