Yoga progession

downloadI’ve been doing yoga for over 5 weeks and mediation 4 weeks. The progression is quite amazing, I feel a lot stronger and beginning to become flexible even though I don’t look it at the moment. After hearing from sports people and athletes when you build muscle it pushes out the fat making you look fatter. So even though the progression is not showing but I know deep down and believing myself they will slowly come in to show because it’s better to go slow to avoid injury and disappointment than going fast and risk everything. The best novice session in the sun salutation. Using the daily yoga app the are three levels beginner, moderate and intense. My advice is start from easy and work you up to intense, slowly though so you don’t overdo it.  Simple advice from the experts from DVDs and books

  • Go at your own pace at your own time
  • Don’t overdo it and know your limits
  • Drink plenty of water
  • When you are struggling, take a break, recover and carry on.
  • Never worry if you can’t complete the workout. We all have different fitness levels and when your fitness levels increase you will complete the workout.
  • Slowly build yourself up
  • If it’s a new DVD workout watch it first so you know what to do and expect
  • Always consult a doctor before doing any exercise.

Enjoy your exercise and enjoy life.

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