snippet from the lethal cocktail short story

This is one of my shelve projects that collected dust, however one day after meditation, I rekindled one of my long lost hobbies writing short stories.

the lethal cocktail is a short story that Arthur and Katelyn had an invite to go to a dinner party of Miss Lisa Kittle. During the dinner party Lisa collapses and dies. Arthur needs to work out was it murder or a heart attack, but with his former case doubting is abilities, can he solve it or walk away from his career and reputation.

A snippet of a draft

They arrived at the dining hall, and discovered their steaks awaited them on the table. Jade shown them their places, and disappeared. Arthur watched them, slowly devoured their steaks. Matthew asked Arthur, “Lost your appetite Arthur,”
“Just like his cases lost his appetite for them,” Richard teased him.
“Shut up Richard. Just give Arthur a break.” Matthew shouted at Richard.
“It is alright Matthew. I am just admiring the presentation before I spoil it.” Commented Arthur, as he rips the steak apart to quench his hunger.
They finished their plates, and pushed them aside. The maids cleared the mats as Jade announced, “Hope you enjoy your dinner. Your dessert will be arriving shortly,”
The maids made their way out.
Lucy watched Arthur and asked, “So Arthur, why did you stop your career?”
The sound sprung Arthur eye lids open.
“Lucy please show some respect for Arthur…” Matthew turned to Arthur, “Sorry Arthur my wife was a bit out of order,”
“That’s alright Matt I think it is time for the truth,” Arthur grasped some breath and replied, “I made the wrong call and locked up an innocent person, while the targeted victim got murdered.”
Everybody eyes lit up at the announcement.
“Did you ever catch the murderer?” asked Lisa.
“Yes I did however, guilt and anxiety entered my mind, and I couldn’t handle it anymore so I retired,”
“More like the media, eating every scrap of the story and move on to their next juicy victim. They are like piranhas leaving the carcass behind,” commented Alan.
Jade revealed herself in the room, and announced “Your desserts are ready,”
The desserts arrived on the place mats, and teased the eyes of their guests. The guests submitted to the desserts and slowly devoured them.
Lisa gasped deeply as her face bloom shade of pink. She grabs her throat and tried to cry out, “Help me, can’t breathe.”
Alan caught her cry and tried to help her. The shade of pink changed into a purple as Lisa tried to grasp more air in. She flopped down into her dessert. Alan placed his fingers on her neck, hope to find a sign of life. He discovered his result and announced, “She’s dead?”
Everybody observed the room, and raised their own suspicions. Alan face sunk as he looked at Arthur, “Please Arthur, can you find out what happened to my fiancé?”
Arthur observed his face and plea. He opened his mouth to answer, Jade burst into the room and tried to revive Lisa and cries, “Lisa wake up,”
“She’s dead. Jade let her rest.”
“No, this cannot be!” Jade rushed out, as her tears flowed from her eyes.
Arthur monitored the area, and announced, “I will do my best to find out who killed her, but before I do, please tell me everything about her!”
Everybody around the room, told Arthur and, as if it was popcorn popping he announced, “Lisa is a successful young woman with a few skeletons in her closet. Also has a medical history and has a nasty allergic reaction.

thank you for reading the snippet of the draft. Hopefully this time i will finish it and not shelve it to collect even more dust.


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