Marinated salmon and rice

rice and salmon

(my lunch)
This idea it was a quick and easy snack for lunch at work and when I recommended it to a colleague of mine, it was the focal point for romantic dinner for two.
For me since all I have was the microwave in the canteen, all I got was salmon kebabs/marinated salmon cut into cubes from the fish counter in a microwaveable cooking bag and microwaveable rice from a shop. Two items become a meal within 5 minutes (always follow the instructions on packaging or ask for advice).
For my colleague he got the same kebabs/marinated salmon cut into cubes. Baked them with tin foil and dish or since I was his fishmonger I provided him with the cooking bag and prepared it ready for him to bake. He did at gas mark 5 set or 190°c for 20 – 25 minutes or look on packaging for advice. He boiled some long grain rice (look on packaging) and presents it on a bed of lettuce.
The lucky boy also got his wife approval whereas for me, I get funny looks when I open my bag.

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