Depression can curse anyone.

Lately, I have been struggling with some bad spells, mainly my mind talking wrapy thoughts. However, after reading an article anybody can get it even sports people. Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff admitted he had depression and he’s a sports star, role model and a big personality. Now if he suffers from something he said “I see it now like, if I have a bad ear, I’ll see a doctor. If I get an injury I’ll see a physio. If I’m struggling with my head, I’ll see someone.”

After writing this post I told nan “I am having a bad week so far” she replied “no you’re not Adrian as far as I can see your having a normal week” bless  her because after I thought about it is just a normal week with the depression failing to trip me up.


To read his article click on link below and I recommend it because you maybe surprise who else who has or had depression

Freddie flintoff depression article 

Also advice on depression click on link below

BBC advice depression 

NHS UK depression

Inspiration from BBC and NHS UK

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