smooth prawn pâté

One night mum asked me have you still got any of your prawn pâté. So, I got some prawn pâté out and handed it to mum along with some crackers. This is very simple to do all you need are king prawns (cooked and peeled), soft cheese spread and a food blender and some crackers to the pâté on. To cook the prawns from scratch boil water or lightly pan fry them until them turn pink. A tip I got from great British menu head judge. Also don’t overcook them or re cook them because they will turn rubbery. If you are worried about cooking them you can get prawns that are already done. Put the prawns in a blender with a dollop of soft cheese spread and blend it all together until smooth. Taste the pâté season if required. Present it on some crackers. Very simple and quick also since there are a lot of different flavours of soft cheese you can make different flavoured pâté so the choice is yours. As for mum’s chilli prawn pâté, I have never seen the rest of it, apart from an empty container.

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