The night I almost died…one year on

102314_2207_Keepsmiling6.jpgIt’s been nearly a year now since I nearly took my own life. So what happened in that year, I also did it again, but snapped out of it was the lowest point. I learnt more about myself, and learnt what’s real and what’s a wrapy thought. I got stronger when I was at my most vulnerable point. Most of all and I know it sounds wield; I use the depression at my advantage. Nope, not getting time off or something like that, it helps me to focus, harness my abilities and boosted my confidence and self believe. Even though it can be a pain in the back side and plays my mind up however, I believe it was a gift that I needed to remind myself I’m human. I know one day it will overwhelm me and put right back to the beginning and smash everything I have built like a wrecking ball. The best thing about it, it de clutters the junk out, so we can rebuild ourselves leaner and sharper. As this Easter comes and goes I feel like I have been broken again and slowly rebuild myself over the weekend. All I’m going to say is don’t let it control you, you control it and use it to your advantage because at the end of the day only person and thing controls your life is you. If you need help do not hesitate and get it, otherwise everyday will be a flip of a coin heads you live, tails you die. so enjoy life.

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