My top 3 wildlife pictures

A friend asked me what your favourite photo of your collection is. I said I haven’t got one. However I do have three wildlife moments. Encountering a tawny owl, watching a stoat and stalking a heron.
The tawny owl was my first special moment. It happen January 2012 walking around wolves’ wood getting used to granddad’s camera. I heard a hoot at first thought my imagination, but I looked up and saw the tawny sitting on a perch. I manage to take one picture before it flew off.
tawny owl

The stoat was the next special moment in October 2013. I was walking through a forest when I hear a rustle in the leaves. It shot across the path and disappeared. I looked at the area and saw a rabbit and a hole. I spotted a tree stump and sat on it. I waited and peeked out of the hole was a stoat. I manage to get a picture of him and watch the stoat dragging his prey back to his den. I reckon a few people watch something like that and a handful filmed it.birds35
The heron was my third special moment in September 2014. I was walking around the grounds of chart well house. I walked around a hedge and it opened up. Near the lake about 10 metres was a heron stalking the lake. I kept a good distance between the heron and myself as it was watching me. I took a few pictures the heron as it accepted me as no threat.

My top three wildlife pictures but there are others a hawk crashing into the bushes, jackdaw foraging, fox running in a field and a kingfisher hunting. So what is my next one? Well it could be closer to home.

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