floating in the air, drowning in the sea

We all have them regardless if you’re mentally ill or not. It reminds me off a coin being flipped in the air. When the light shine on the coins facing that’s the spell we are having. Show heads = good, showing tails = bad. How do we prepare and110614_2005_Twonewsourc1.jpg live with these spells, simple when we have a good spell remember to ground ourselves or someone hold you down. You can enjoy the spell but keep yourself in check otherwise imagine how far you’re going to fall. When we have a bad spell, pick yourself up remind yourself it’s a trip (by thinking positive, going back to basics, refresh yourself and believe in yourself) and slowly walk before you run. If a good friend is nearby they will help you pick you up and/or carry you through it. Imagine our good and bad emotions like the sea and air. We floating in the air or drowning in the sea negatively. Some people like to fly high in the air while others cannot merge from the sea. So keep yourself above the sea of negatively by walk or running along the surface otherwise if you let yourself float too high. Imagine how deep we could dive into the sea of negatively when we fall.

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