The tale of two teams

One night I was playing bowls for my club and this match has really inspired me. There was one rink with two teams of three. Team a worked together, kept calm, encouraging each other, relaxed, and focus all the way through the game. Team b were flustered, bothered, stressed, no encouragement or team work and the skip was eye balling team a. The result was 28 shots to 6 and I think you can work out which team won it. If not it was team a. When team b left the area, team a had a small debrief and admitted the 2nd (playmaker) did majority of the work however he admitted, “we all contributed to the win in our own unique way.” but he also believed that team b hit the self-destruct button as well.

“Always be team a character regardless what the situation is.”

Otherwise your team will hit the self-destruct button.

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