Photography courses

images (3)As some of you already know I am doing a photography master class course. I heard from few people “you don’t need a course, your already good photographer,” I’ll be honest, after doing half of the course I have learnt a lot from it. The main things I learnt so far


Get to know your camera
a good worker knows his/her tools to check out your camera and see what it’s capable of.


Shoot both raw and jpeg photos
Unless you’re a causal photographer only use jpeg, if you want it to take it seriously shoot both with jpeg you can send a preview to your clients and raw it hold a lot more information in the photo which allows you to adjust, however word of warning about shooting raw, it takes up more memory on your card


Carry spares
believe it or not I have four batteries and two memory cards. I can be frustrating when you’re about to take a picture all of a sudden out of power.


Shoot continuous
Unless it’s still like a flower, always shoot continuous shots when on a photo shoot especially with nature because you take one shot look at it and by the time you’re ready for the next one shot opportunity has gone (unless the subject has settled comfortably) so shoot continuous because your will may at least get one shot perfect shot.


Get dirty
Most of us shoot straight in front but have you ever thought of climb/look up or kneeling down. It is another perspective and angle to explore. So don’t be afraid to get your knees or even your body dirty sometimes it’s worth it.


There are other things I’m learning or have learnt but they are wrapped up. I also recommend going on a course and learning the art. The best one I found is on udemy photography masterclass even though it’s long but it’s very thorough and if your timing is right you may even get it on the cheap as £8 instead of hundreds.

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