open letter to everyone

Hey guys and girls

you have probably notice that there are less updates on blog especially on depression. Just to let you know I’m almost fully better however still on the tablets which have been giving me a helping hand. I like to say thank you for all support and advice. Mental illness is a hidden illness which should be more awareness as it can kill stealthy. My words are your not alone and get help. The best thing I did for a safety mental net was when I was bad I put a status up on Facebook and the amount of support either from loveable hug to a slap around the face. But this only works if you have a good friend base and get help as soon as possible.

I have been doing online courses on Buddhism for my mental health, short story writing to keep my brain imagination going and photography masterclass on udemy which I fully recommend.

I have also been doing free short story writing. In other words just been writing short stories to keep my brain going and hopefully share some stories to everyone to enjoy and read.

And finally been planning to open an e-shop for jewellery, paracord and photography which is exciting but hard and long process.

Hope you all well and thank you for following, supporting and advice you have given me.

Kind regards


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