Human Boilers

Boilers you’re probably thinking why boilers being compared to us? Believe it or not they are very similar to us. Boilers keep going under pressure and stress until boom after they have been overloaded. Our lives are being fed with stress, pressure, anxiety, despair and so on. There are 2 groups of people.
1, we can work and thrive
2, store it all up until we can’t cope anymore.

Unfortunately most of us are group 2 and develop illness like depression. However there are ways to help us before we get critical condition.
1, gauge
Monitor yourself from 1 to 10, 1 being cool, 9 and 10 being critical. Also know your gauge or if you have a friend, colleague or even a person you can trust keep an eye on you as well.
2, emergency release valve
Try and discover your release valve. Mine is meditation and listening to chilled music. So try and discover what yours is it could be the same or you could go to the gym or listening to music (chilled music).
3, let go of the un-necessary
if there is anything unnecessary stress, pressure, anxiety try to let go all off it before it gets on top of you.

Also, get help from a friend or the professionals and open up you have nothing to be afraid.

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