Calming the warpy thoughts

Recently I have had warpy thought entering my mind and being mischievous.  “I hate my life” “I hate …” “they will never reply back” “your useless” “you’re a waste of space”


I face these everyday going through my head, dancing and taunting me. One day I wished I had a gun and blow them out of day; however that’s what the warpy thoughts wanted. These thoughts can be triggered when you’re de-hydrated, bothered, struggling and exhausted. But don’t give up. You can easily beat these thoughts if you rehydrate and refresh yourself by washing away the old and allow the new to shine. Get yourself busy and occupy your mind with an activity also calm your mind with meditation and positive thinking. So hope this helps and let go of the warpy thoughts and be true to you.

If you need any help or want to help click on link below or look at contacts for other useful numbers

Black hole support group for mental illness

Black hole support group

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