the fall and rise

For a long time now I have been on top of a mountain. A year ago I crumbed and plunge into deep water. I felt vulnerable and chocking in the depths of the ocean looking and trying to swim back to the surface. Drowning and no way out I felt there was one option left end my life. But it didn’t go that way instead Lucy, the faith family dog, stop it. After getting help, I slowly recover, floating up from the deep ocean and back on the surface. Grasping for air I wasn’t out of the storm just yet. A whirlpool trying to suck me back down. I struggled however manage to get to safety and found an island a safe haven. I sat down and meditated. It felt like a protective cocoon wrapped me up and repel any harmful things thrown at me by the storm. Reclaiming and rediscovering myself, I came out re-energised. Wanting to run and go straight in, I realize it wasn’t the answer, so I decided to train to see what I’m capable of doing. Slowly I learn my own abilities and limits. I decided then to take a brand new path and walk along it.
Using new and improved abilities I was able to conquer challenges from too easy to that was tight, (words from sonic the hedgehog) grabbing the opportunities and using them to my advantage. I grew in confidence and self believe, mentally free running and flying. Achieving and grabbing opportunities as they come I wonder when the next storm strikes me down.

.lift up 1

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