The next storm

Image result for rainbowEnjoying the peaceful life and following my rainbow. A whip of air throws me up and slams me back down. I look around to see what or who cause it. I carry on travelling along the path until another whip of air slam me down to the ground. I look around and saw a violent storm coming. I ran the opposite direction in vain as it was slowly catching and tripping me up. If I cannot escape it, ride it out. I turn around and head straight for it. It slams me down and throws me up in the air like a ragdoll. It fire hail at me as it blows coldImage result for storm air to slow me down and freeze. I slowly deteriorate for every moment I was in that storm. I nearly gave up and allow the storm to finish me off until the eye calm my surroundings. I look up and spot my rainbow shining down on me delivering a new ray of hope. More determined than ever, I race back into the storm and made it through however it made me pay more attention to myself. It did spark a small flame inside me.  Nurturing the fire and fuelling it with determination hunger I am ready and fired up for the next challenge.  Climb the mountain and reach for the stars.

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