Bicycle safety protect yourself


I drive down the road, country lane or urban, I notice something a moment. A child riding a bike with her parent. Nice moment but when I noted that there were no helmets on neither of them. Alarm bells rang what happened if a careless driver knocks them down. Another example my brothers ex-boyfriend cycle to work near the main roads with no helmet. If they didn’t break up I would of got him a cycle helmet for Christmas. Buy and wear a bicycle helmet because it can save your life and the main thing your head like it did with me. I had an accident with my bicycle involving a head injury. I was cycling to work on a winter thawing day. I had a back pack on to carry my belongs and a helmet on. I turned into a corner and my bike slide away from my feet on some black ice. I landed on my back and smacked my head onto the ground. I got up with pain and bruises and continued my way. Lucky for my head I had my helmet on so imagine if I didn’t have that on long with my back pack. Wear your helmet because you only have one head and brain which cannot be replaced.

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