My new diet and exercise regime

slimIn the early hours of Tuesday morning I had cramps and pains in my abdominal area that nearly put me in hospital . I took tablets and managed to settle it down. I also went to work with the pain and I could not pick up a joint of meat with out struggling. So I wet home took more tablets with the doctors saying take two of these and call if no change over the phone. How can they diagnose people over the phone with out looking at the patient for physical signs. It knocked me out for a few hours and it finally settled. So I began thinking that I seriously need to change my ways. Today I went down town to see what I have got. I went to a shop and found tablets and bought them with out realising will it affect my depression. So I went to Holland and Barret and was greeted by a friendly face and great service. She gave me advice not to take them because of the medication. However she gave me another alternative. She took me these slim foods which are very healthy and tasty. Its also gluten free, wheat free, sugar free and only takes a few minutes to cook. Another bonus to it was they are in a penny sale, (at the time of purchase) my exercise will be yoga again since there are free apps now to limber up and my bicycle is calling so a few minutes a day and gradually build it up. Since my health is threatening to put me in hospital its time to start now.

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