The demon vs me. Update

It has been 1 1/2 years ago since I’ve had been diagnosed and confirmed with depression and anxiety. Unfortunate to say it’s still here with one of us refusing to let the other go and give way. However I have learnt a lot from it. People can influence the demon and make it go on a war path. For example if a person or a party says 092414_2026_Faceyourdem1.jpgor do something to a person who suffers a mental illness, big or small, it could trigger an episode. Voices play and tease your mind saying wrapy thoughts. I try to drown it by playing music or a DVD. I keep my mind occupied with projects, puzzles and mind games. I try to close my eyes and meditate or go to sleep just to rest my mind. However when it runs wild it gets me really down and cannot do anything to stop it. Sometimes I just want to take a gun to my head and shoot the voices out. No I am not suicidal just imagine a squeaky voice constantly talking in your head. But don’t worry I can say there is no gun in the area I am in however if I did shoot myself, people will believe I lost and I have a lot of things to do. I’m hoping this blog will help people with or without the mental illness to understand it because people don’t see it when you look at a victim of mental illness. For example if you have an external physical injury or a broken bone or muscle. You will probably see a bandage or a cast on them. However if a person is suffering from a mental illness, you don’t see it from the outside. Like just observe a crowd of people and answer this question, “Who has got depression?” Without asking them your answer should be along the lines of ‘I don’t know.’ Hopefully this time next year, I would like to write and believe I defeated the demon. However I like to beat it and lead other people into the light.

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