My year with depression 2015


I see people do their auto reviews, which does not reflect all of the year. So , I decided to do my own. Yes, it has been 1 ½ years since I have been fight a mental illness, daemon shadow that haunts me everywhere I go, trying to crush me. But as one colleague pointed it out, I’m a strong person.
This year I have experience
1. back stabbed
2. Cyber bullied
3. Hounded  down
4. Heart broken
5. A friend passed away
6. Exiled
All these fed the daemon and put be in a hold, asking me to submit and die. However I always had a escape route and free myself from its clutches. Even though I am getting tired and exhausted, however I am getting stronger and a new light, glowing brightly. In the future I believe I can make the light glow brighter. Hopefully this blog will show others there is hope and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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