life races

In life, you run races to get to your goals. It could be a sprint or a marathon. Also depends on you walk it or run it. For me, there are life races I’ve run but always fall at the last hurdle or more been put up, or the finishing line has been moved further. In one race I’ve run, was meet people and this person kept put hurdles up and moving the finishing line back, but that’s on my track when others have no hurdles and have skates on. Yes, it’s impossible to get anywhere. So what do you? Carry on and try and win the impossible race or save your energy for the next one. So let’s examine the race, are you putting up the hurdles or something else which is out of your control. If it’s you jump them, it’s your fault for putting them up. If it’s another force is it worth it to jump or halt. Next thing the finish line. Is it you who are moving forward and back or another force. If it is you choose the distance and if you need more time, move your line further or get your skates on and go like the wind. If it’s another force, is it worth running the extra mile to get to your line and may find it moved again! So if it’s you on both keep going. If it’s the other force on both, it’s not worth it to save your energy, quit the race and focus on the next one. If it’s 50/50, decide if the prize is worth the effort. In my experience a rare occasion, it’s worth it, but it’s infrequent. By the way, the race one mentioned earlier I’ve ran it for 2 years now and still got nothing because hurdles up and the line kept being moved by another force. Think I need to cut my losses and forget about it since I will never cross the line.

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