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Smooth crab pate and ‘dead man’s fingers’

I’ve been preparing a crab ready to make smooth crab pate. However I’ve been asked by people what are the dead man’s fingers. Well I took a picture of them.


They look like feathery gills shown in the picture.

Please be careful of these and remove them and discard.
Now the smooth crab pate, the quick and easy method.
Add a cream cheese and the  crab meat into the food blender. Season  to taste and blend smooth.
Best thing about cream cheeses, there are so many flavours so try different combinations.
Also try using king prawns peeled and cooked.

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open letter to everyone

Hey guys and girls

you have probably notice that there are less updates on blog especially on depression. Just to let you know I’m almost fully better however still on the tablets which have been giving me a helping hand. I like to say thank you for all support and advice. Mental illness is a hidden illness which should be more awareness as it can kill stealthy. My words are your not alone and get help. The best thing I did for a safety mental net was when I was bad I put a status up on Facebook and the amount of support either from loveable hug to a slap around the face. But this only works if you have a good friend base and get help as soon as possible.

I have been doing online courses on Buddhism for my mental health, short story writing to keep my brain imagination going and photography masterclass on udemy which I fully recommend.

I have also been doing free short story writing. In other words just been writing short stories to keep my brain going and hopefully share some stories to everyone to enjoy and read.

And finally been planning to open an e-shop for jewellery, paracord and photography which is exciting but hard and long process.

Hope you all well and thank you for following, supporting and advice you have given me.

Kind regards


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monkfish tail wrapped in parma ham

Image result for monkfish tail

I got this idea from a fellow juror during jury service when we were discussing our favourite foods while we were waiting for the judge and his cake. It’s a shame I could not remember his name since it has been a few years.

This is so easy and simple. Get a tail of monkfish and remove the membrane (you can get your fish monger to do this for you if it’s from the counter) but keep the bone in. you can add flavouring of your choice or leave on its lone. Wrap it in Parma ham then place in an oven dish with foil to cover and pop it in a pre-heated oven of 190 degrees centigrade or gas make 5 *. Cook for 25 – 30 minutes and leave to rest for 5 minutes. Carve the monkfish through the bone like steaks and serve with a white sauce of choice and potatoes and green beans.

As for the judge, well he called us back and acted funny. I wonder what was in that cake.

*don’t forget we all have different compliances so adjusted if need to

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smooth prawn pâté

One night mum asked me have you still got any of your prawn pâté. So, I got some prawn pâté out and handed it to mum along with some crackers. This is very simple to do all you need are king prawns (cooked and peeled), soft cheese spread and a food blender and some crackers to the pâté on. To cook the prawns from scratch boil water or lightly pan fry them until them turn pink. A tip I got from great British menu head judge. Also don’t overcook them or re cook them because they will turn rubbery. If you are worried about cooking them you can get prawns that are already done. Put the prawns in a blender with a dollop of soft cheese spread and blend it all together until smooth. Taste the pâté season if required. Present it on some crackers. Very simple and quick also since there are a lot of different flavours of soft cheese you can make different flavoured pâté so the choice is yours. As for mum’s chilli prawn pâté, I have never seen the rest of it, apart from an empty container.

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Marinated salmon and rice

rice and salmon

(my lunch)
This idea it was a quick and easy snack for lunch at work and when I recommended it to a colleague of mine, it was the focal point for romantic dinner for two.
For me since all I have was the microwave in the canteen, all I got was salmon kebabs/marinated salmon cut into cubes from the fish counter in a microwaveable cooking bag and microwaveable rice from a shop. Two items become a meal within 5 minutes (always follow the instructions on packaging or ask for advice).
For my colleague he got the same kebabs/marinated salmon cut into cubes. Baked them with tin foil and dish or since I was his fishmonger I provided him with the cooking bag and prepared it ready for him to bake. He did at gas mark 5 set or 190°c for 20 – 25 minutes or look on packaging for advice. He boiled some long grain rice (look on packaging) and presents it on a bed of lettuce.
The lucky boy also got his wife approval whereas for me, I get funny looks when I open my bag.

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Recycling salmon carcass

At Christmas time I must of fillet loads of salmon and discard the carcasses for the customer. My advice is always ask for the carcass back. The amount of meat left on there you will be surprise how may fishcakes you can make, pates you can create and stock cubes for future date.


It’s very simple to scrape the meat of the bone. All you need is a spoon and start scraping the meat off. As you can see below how much meat was left.

salmon 1

Ask for the carcass back and re-work it, and there is plenty of recipes on the internet so use a search engine like google. have fun.

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