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paper games: Noughts and crosses

During my childhood I can remember dad coming home from work and said “I’m the world champion at noughts and crosses at work”
really and I carried on my homework.
The next day I greeted dad “yo champ, how’s it going”
“I lost my title” sulked dad
“now there’s shortest reign ha ha.” but he had the last laugh when he beat me when we played it.


For two players:
Object of the game: get three in the row
Before you start decide how many wins or time limit on the game
All you need is pencil/pen and paper
Draw a grid three by three like the one below.
Decide who will have noughts = o and crosses = x
Youngest goes first
take it in turns place your symbol in the grid until you connect three in a row. In result of a draw redraw the grid and the other player goes first.
Have fun!!!

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Paper games: Squares

We are in an era of tablets and consoles, where games can be screen anywhere. From your comfort of your home to your travels around the world. But I still believe you can’t beat the traditional pen and paper games. One break time my colleague and I played squares. We enjoyed so much we forgot about time (but lucky we finished just before our break time was up).

All you need is pen/pencil and paper.

2 to 4 players can play it.

Mark the paper with a grid of dots, it can be 6×6 or a wield shape like a T for example. But make sure the dots are wide enough to a marker in the middle.

After you got your grid decide who goes first, flip of a coin will do.

Join any two dots either vertical or horizontal (left and right or up and down) but not diagonal.

Then it’s your opponents turn to join two dots.

When you form a square mark the middle with your initials, number, or letter (make sure you have different markers for counting up) and take another go.

If you form another square on your extra go mark it and take another ago if not it’s you opponents go.

Keep going until there are no more dots to join. Count up the squares and the winner is the person with the most squares.

Go on find a friend and have a go.


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