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Busy Bee and links

Hi there

I would to say thank you for waiting patiently for the get post. I have been busy with a lot of things.

Firstly, I had a tablet review and on the agreement from the doctors and me we have agreed to cut my medication from 20mg to 10mg

Secondly, I have been busy with a stall preparation and have been fully focus on it.

Thirdly, I have links to new accounts and pages that have been started up so feel free to look but sorry if they are bare however I try to update them after the stall.


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Blog name change

Most of you have realise the name of my blog has changed from adrianbrothwell to my universe and the black hole. Why? It’s because it has more meaning and it was due for a name change. the universe is me and in that universe has different galaxies and systems like in mine hobbies is a galaxy and photography, writing and cooking are part of that galaxy. Views are another galaxy and so on. However the black hole is the demons I have which travels around the universe. Since it’s a black hole and the universe is dark you never know when it will strike.  Fill up your universe with many different galaxies and beware of any black holes that will come and attack it.

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My paracord adventure

There has been a big hike in paracord projects and using my jewellery making skills and some instructions from an eBook, I was able to make some paracord projects myself.

11023519_820216838014755_8709380395228694453_n 11010554_826472070722565_7605938491933360116_n 10403553_820216781348094_6942612917244489742_n 1509238_820216754681430_75185564206215950_n

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