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My top 3 wildlife pictures

A friend asked me what your favourite photo of your collection is. I said I haven’t got one. However I do have three wildlife moments. Encountering a tawny owl, watching a stoat and stalking a heron.
The tawny owl was my first special moment. It happen January 2012 walking around wolves’ wood getting used to granddad’s camera. I heard a hoot at first thought my imagination, but I looked up and saw the tawny sitting on a perch. I manage to take one picture before it flew off.
tawny owl

The stoat was the next special moment in October 2013. I was walking through a forest when I hear a rustle in the leaves. It shot across the path and disappeared. I looked at the area and saw a rabbit and a hole. I spotted a tree stump and sat on it. I waited and peeked out of the hole was a stoat. I manage to get a picture of him and watch the stoat dragging his prey back to his den. I reckon a few people watch something like that and a handful filmed it.birds35
The heron was my third special moment in September 2014. I was walking around the grounds of chart well house. I walked around a hedge and it opened up. Near the lake about 10 metres was a heron stalking the lake. I kept a good distance between the heron and myself as it was watching me. I took a few pictures the heron as it accepted me as no threat.

My top three wildlife pictures but there are others a hawk crashing into the bushes, jackdaw foraging, fox running in a field and a kingfisher hunting. So what is my next one? Well it could be closer to home.

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why do I do this?

Why do I do this posting depression issues on social media. To create awareness and help others because most people are afraid and believe their all alone. We are not alone everyone from, a shopkeeper, a musician, an entertainer, business person and a local friend, can get it in different shapes or forms. If something is not right in your mental and physical health get help. Life can be cruel but it also can be enjoyable so let’s enjoy the good times with everyone.

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Time to change

Most people have the same/similar routine every day.
Eat drink work sleep (in any order)
also there in their comfort zone where it’s easy and comfortable. People would like to change but don’t want to adventure out the comfort zone. The best time to change is when the time is right for you and not when events influence your decision to change, unless it’s unforeseen or out of your control, because you could be worse off.
Be brave to make that change or prepare yourself to change.
Some advice if you want to change.

Know your limits
always know your limits because if you are doing something that is beyond your capabilities you may cause disruption or injure yourself which could put you out of action for a while.

Push yourself

Get out of that comfort zone and start pushing yourself because there are better opportunities, rewards and experience beyond that zone.

Do your research
research on what you are about to change. It can be online or asking a second opinion however having some research and/or knowledge is better than nothing at all and you could be the next joke.

Update any documents

If you have any documents like personal records or CV update them as soon as possible because if have a document that is couple of months old and you’ve done something good like fundraising and miss it out. It may go against you as the person forgotten it when talking to you. So have things black and white and recorded.

Go to school/college/university
if you haven’t got the skills or just want to study go to school/college/university to up skilled. It can be a full academic term, evening class or online. But make sure the course has a recognise qualification otherwise you could lose money and time on something that’s not recognisable. And keep studying if you can.

Be yourself and not anybody else

Don’t be an actor; just be yourself, otherwise if you lie about something they will probably think what else you have been lying about.


So push yourself and believe you can do it.

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Keep on moving

What keeps driving/motivating us? Survival, family, being the best. For me I have several motivations and my family spotted one when I was young. I do have to admit ‘I hate losing’ it’s not a warpy thought it’s who I am. It got worse because I got over confident and lost my many friends but thankfully I learnt my lesson and even though I still hate it I can accept it. However there are other positive motivations and ill some of mine.

Achievement/honours list
I have one but needs updating though. But it helps when you’re down and lost yourself you can look at it and see what you have done in your life. Also it’s a little pick me up as well.

Have a bucket and/or a goal list
always have one and they are easy to write one as well. It gives you something to work towards but remember make it realistic.

Get inspired
if you’re stuck for ideas do some research and take notes. I have to admit for jewellery making I get inspiration from other designers and pre-existing pieces. Using the inspiration, I redesign and create new pieces.

Read peoples positive comments about you.
I read them and record them so I can reread them and have a booster when I’m down, but don’t let your ego grow.

Have a to do list
write down any jobs or projects you have got and prioritise them. You can prioritise them by time and importance but remember to balance them. Like working on a project when you have three weeks to go when another job/project has to be done by an early date, unless there are quick and easy jobs/projects to do that can be done in minimal amount of time.

Have a break
always have a break and recharge. Otherwise you will burn up and fall ill which you don’t want.
Challenge yourself and step out of the comfort zone.
see how far can you go because you will get bored, fed up and no success thrill  if you keep it easy and miss out on the harder challenge where the experience and rewards are greater.

Break down your targets
if you set yourself a main goal like a new language. I can imagine it’s like climbing a mountain. It’s like a game I played called ice climber where you have work up the mountain at different levels. Set yourself smaller goals which will lead up to the main goal like for languages count to ten, colours, and days of the week. So set your smaller goals or levels and climb up that mountain.

And the main thing is believe in yourself

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On the rise

“Why do we fall…so, we can learn to pick ourselves up” – batman begins

the quote has stuck with me since I very first heard it. I have to admit I fall loads of time in my life and its takes time to pick you up. It’s pretty hard at first but once you know how to do it you will stumble than fall. When event occurs that causes you to have mental block and/or you was going so well then it turns and bad luck hits you. You will fall down, but how you pick yourselves up. Depends on the situation but the last thing you want is to still rush even though everything is not going your way anyway.
For me I get low when warpy thought hit me, waiting for nothing or false hope, or people pushing me to the brink. It feels that I’m suck into oblivion and not knowing where I am and/or feel like a zombie. Also I feel darkness filling me up and I feel I’m not all there. There are a few ways that will help you returning the light back to yourself.

Going back to basics
revisiting the basics can help a lot because you don’t know if you have cut any corners or miss a vital piece that can causes the event

Change your tactic
sometimes your approach may not be the best one for the event so having a backup plan or knowing a different way of solving can help you a lot. Also it makes you unpredictable. My mum is, at the moment, can predict the out come because she always said to me, “I know you to well, you have all your bases covered.”

Walk away
if you believe an event its beyond you walk away because spending energy on it can make you ill.

Keep calm, cool and collected
by not reacting to the people jesters not only it will make you a better person and rising up from them than sinking to their level. It will wind them up as well and make them ill. Also its there problem if they can’t accept you for who you are.

Learn from your mistakes
by learning from our errors and mistakes we will be able to become better people and avoid the same fall we had because we should fall for the same mistake, error and/or trap

So when you fall or feel low, smile, laugh and pick yourself up and carry on the way you are.


Remember be positive and believe in yourself.

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I can’t believe I’m so lucky

Yes, it’s true I cannot believe I’m so lucky for what I have. Even though we and yes myself complain about ‘lack of this…’ ‘I want…’ ‘this is…’

So let’s step back and have a look at ourselves:

We have food, clean water, clothes and a roof over our heads. We have friends and family to help each other. We have jobs to earn money so we can pay for ourselves and have a treat or two. We went to school and got an education.

These are probably the basic and core positives we have in our life,

Because when we step back even further and see the wider picture. There are people struggle to find food and clean water and don’t know when the next piece of food will come in a day or two or longer. Some people can’t even read and write let alone do other things, probably there academic handicapped or didn’t receive an education. Appreciate what we have got and enjoy life because there are times we not be so lucky.

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Question and Answers for me

A friend has asked me four questions?;

The positives of life?

What keeps you going?

How you know when you’re getting low?

How do you make appropriate adjustments in life?

I have to admit they are very good questions and I am willing to answer them with a blog post.


The positives of life? I can’t believe I’m so lucky

What keeps you going? Keep on moving

How you know when you’re getting low? On the rise

How do you make appropriate adjustments in life? Time to change


So if you bear with me I’ll try and answer them as soon as possible

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