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Libby tackles Kilimanjaro


I hope she doesn’t mind writing about her however a friend of mine Libby and co is attempting to conquer Kilimanjaro in aid of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) global Health project. Please donate, even if it’s only £5 to this amazing cause and cheer Libby and co to conquer Kilimanjaro.

Click on link below to and follow the instructions to donate

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My 2015 photography collections

My latest photo ebook

Click on link below and enjoy

2015 collections

for my other ebooks click on my books tab

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Anglesey Abbey winter lights 2015


It was going to be a special evening, but my relationship fell apart however for me it wasn’t meant to be. So I decided to go alone. It cleared my head and travel around the site. But then after getting my pulled pork roll and hot drink I felt alone, knowing if it carried on I would have a lot more fun. So I carried on missing out a light and shadow performance. What caught my eye throughout the trail was how they used milk bottles and turned them into decoration


winter lights

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Trail walking

In august I have been on two trail quests. In bury st Edmunds a wolf trail and in Norwich a dragon trail.
The wolf trail there is 26 wolf sculptures around the town created by various artists.
The dragon trail is bigger there at least 82 large dragons size of an average human and 120ish small dragons places around the city and even as far as an airport. However the dragon trail is in aid of a charity called break a children’s charity based in the east Anglia (small description of charity) if you get the chance to go on a special trails which are similar to these, admire the art work of what the artists has put in to.

For pictures click on link below


go go dragons


Burys wolf trail

11 july23

Hidden around Bury St Edmunds are wolves. Searching high on rooftop and low as the pavement big as adults or small as printing blocks I manage to find 24 out 26 wolves. Almost a perfect hunt if I had an extra hour. The art work is incredible and I place my favourites on my Instagram account click on link below for all my pictures but if you count one wolf short. It’s because one of them was a motion pictures.

Burys wolf trail 11 july25

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Busy Bee and links

Hi there

I would to say thank you for waiting patiently for the get post. I have been busy with a lot of things.

Firstly, I had a tablet review and on the agreement from the doctors and me we have agreed to cut my medication from 20mg to 10mg

Secondly, I have been busy with a stall preparation and have been fully focus on it.

Thirdly, I have links to new accounts and pages that have been started up so feel free to look but sorry if they are bare however I try to update them after the stall.


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Riedal’s photography

My facebook photography page

riedal’s photography

why riedal? because its part of an anagram i use to use but that’s another post.

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My ambitions list 2015 so far

At the beginning of the year I made a 2015 ambitions list and to remind people here it is


Charity work
Open an e-shop

Enter photography competitions regularly

Blogging on awareness, photography and other issues. /
Travel to different areas
more online college work at least three courses.

Believe in myself

Here is the list at the moment

Charity work
Open an e-shop

  • Riedal’s arts and crafts (in progress)

Enter photography competitions regularly

  • Natural photography group
  • East if England national trust
  • National geographic
  • View bug

Blogging on awareness, photography and other issues. /
Travel to different areas
More online college work at least three courses.

  • Buddhism
  • short story writing
  • photography master class

Believe in myself


You can create one of these at any time so give it go and remember it’s a marathon not a sprint

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open letter to everyone

Hey guys and girls

you have probably notice that there are less updates on blog especially on depression. Just to let you know I’m almost fully better however still on the tablets which have been giving me a helping hand. I like to say thank you for all support and advice. Mental illness is a hidden illness which should be more awareness as it can kill stealthy. My words are your not alone and get help. The best thing I did for a safety mental net was when I was bad I put a status up on Facebook and the amount of support either from loveable hug to a slap around the face. But this only works if you have a good friend base and get help as soon as possible.

I have been doing online courses on Buddhism for my mental health, short story writing to keep my brain imagination going and photography masterclass on udemy which I fully recommend.

I have also been doing free short story writing. In other words just been writing short stories to keep my brain going and hopefully share some stories to everyone to enjoy and read.

And finally been planning to open an e-shop for jewellery, paracord and photography which is exciting but hard and long process.

Hope you all well and thank you for following, supporting and advice you have given me.

Kind regards


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Capturing inspirational ideas

Inspirational ideas are like butterflies. They dash back and forth teasing you to follow them or catch them. Then they downloadeither stay for a while or disappear. How do catch them easy all you need is a pen, notebook and camera (one on your phone will do). When an idea enters your mind you can either store it, if your memory is good, or jot it down on pen and paper. If you did lose or forget about it, it’s on paper. If you see something that trigger an inspirational idea take a photo of it for further and also jot it down in your notebook why you took. It could one word like colours. Now you are armed, go and see how many inspirational ideas you can capture.

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