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My marathon challenge so far…

​I’m doing the my marathon challenge held by the British heart foundation. So I have decided to keep diary on my progress so here it goes.

Day 1, completed 1.6 miles feeling great that I have surpass my daily pledge but my legs are feeling it. Guess I’m un fit.

Day 2, done 1.7 miles today which is good and making good progress think my legs are saying something else.

Day 3, it’s raining, I could have a day off since I have made an extra mile but I done 0.7 miles instead just to keep the tally going and use the free days of when I need to.

Day 4, took a day off due to personal problems. Back to normal tomorrow.

Day 5, another 1.6 miles done. Mind talk starting to set in trying to put me off but manage to fend it off by saying if i can conquer my depression, I can easily beat the challenge.

Day 6 done an afternoon run  completing 1.1 miles but think I have got something.

Day 7 all night I had the sickness bug. I had no sleep and I’m completely exhausted. Medical advice was rest up and but take it easy about the challenge. I nearly took a day off to rest up and recover. But walked the dogs for 0.5 miles to get some fresh air.

Day 8 done another mile walk to see if I can continue with the challenge and I believe I can so off I go.

Day 9 had severe cramps in my abdominal area during my mile walk and I don’t know how the dogs got me back home as if they knew I’m in trouble. 

Day 10 & 11 took the whole weekend off to recover properly.

Day 12 I’m on holiday so it’s time to clock up some mileage, but I only done the usual 1.8 miles however it all counts.

Day 13 only done 0.7 miles because the sun is so intense and zapping my energy away

Day 14 done a split 3 mile today. The first the usual run followed by a cool down with the dogs which is a good idea and the legs are grateful for it. The other half walk around the farm area and using the beacon as a safety precaution, but the sun is still very intensive and completely drained me.

Day 15 only done half mile because of that sun so rest day for me.

Day 16 it’s cool and perfect.  Done over a mile run and broke my personal best for a mile and a cool down with the slave drivers, dogs. Looked at my progress page and can not believe I have just over 8.18 miles to go.

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Changing note app

Sorry its been late posting been busy. After receiving an email from evernote that I will be charged by the end of the month for right time ever to make a move. I scan and read reviews in decide to go with one note. After I transferred the notes manually  (copy and paste) I started to reorganise all my notes and seen there is a lot of potential i can use the app for so wish me luck with it and hopefully I will get round doing a review. Also check your app including the ones you don’t use any more because you could be paying or being charged subscription with out realising get it.

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My year with depression 2015


I see people do their auto reviews, which does not reflect all of the year. So , I decided to do my own. Yes, it has been 1 ½ years since I have been fight a mental illness, daemon shadow that haunts me everywhere I go, trying to crush me. But as one colleague pointed it out, I’m a strong person.
This year I have experience
1. back stabbed
2. Cyber bullied
3. Hounded  down
4. Heart broken
5. A friend passed away
6. Exiled
All these fed the daemon and put be in a hold, asking me to submit and die. However I always had a escape route and free myself from its clutches. Even though I am getting tired and exhausted, however I am getting stronger and a new light, glowing brightly. In the future I believe I can make the light glow brighter. Hopefully this blog will show others there is hope and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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