My paracord adventure

There has been a big hike in paracord projects and using my jewellery making skills and some instructions from an eBook, I was able to make some paracord projects myself.

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forest fairy jewellery set

It was originally called a watermelon set however I renamed it to forest fairy. I used the red tiger’s eye as spacers and the agate and quartz has beads. I started making the bracelets, earrings and a hair come.

  IMG_5398 IMG_5397


Then I realise have I got enough red to make a necklace, which I did. Also keeping to the forest theme I made a tree pendant out of memory wire to finish the feature off.

IMG_5400 IMG_5399

the fairy forest collection can be used for everyday and/or festivals.


Silver beaded macramé bracelets


I discovered some silver beads on sale at the jewellery maker website along with some thread. So I experimented with the designs and manage to make five different coloured macramé style bracelets.





Red and green Christmas style


If your interested purchasing click on link below:

Silver carved aluminium coloured beads macramé style bracelets

Stormy Blue

After receiving two gemstone strands I wondered how am I going to make jewellery with these. I nearly added them to the stash box. Then something hit me. After doing the green goddess themed set I wondered if I can redesign the bracelet. Ten minutes later a new bracelet was forged then a few minutes later a hair come/pin piece was forged.


Using the charm idea from the bracelet new earrings was formed.


Finally I tried something different for the necklace main feature. I made a flower type thread with the gemstones with a long dangle.



Add the chain and clasp a new feature for the necklace was forged and a new set.

Jewellery for sale

Jewellery for sale sorry no international buyers at the moment, Need to do some research. click on link beside name

Tree of life – tree of life pendant

Bracelet and earrings – bracelet and earrings

Magnetic Rainbow Hematite three colour multi-colour tier macramé style bracelets – Magnetic Rainbow Hematite three colour multi-colour tier macramé style bracelets

The green goddess kit

After admiring the kit and gemstones I decided to make a completely different set.

Using the graduated gemstone I create a charm which can be used for a pendant or accessory.


Using the same idea I made a pair of earrings and lastly the bracelet.



With other beads I made an easy bracelet, and a pair of earrings.



Also I made a macramé style bracelet and a hair pin/come.



It took a lot of hard work to create these pieces, however it is worth.