Smooth crab pate and ‘dead man’s fingers’

I’ve been preparing a crab ready to make smooth crab pate. However I’ve been asked by people what are the dead man’s fingers. Well I took a picture of them.


They look like feathery gills shown in the picture.

Please be careful of these and remove them and discard.
Now the smooth crab pate, the quick and easy method.
Add a cream cheese and the  crab meat into the food blender. Season  to taste and blend smooth.
Best thing about cream cheeses, there are so many flavours so try different combinations.
Also try using king prawns peeled and cooked.

Recycling salmon carcass

At Christmas time I must of fillet loads of salmon and discard the carcasses for the customer. My advice is always ask for the carcass back. The amount of meat left on there you will be surprise how may fishcakes you can make, pates you can create and stock cubes for future date.


It’s very simple to scrape the meat of the bone. All you need is a spoon and start scraping the meat off. As you can see below how much meat was left.

salmon 1

Ask for the carcass back and re-work it, and there is plenty of recipes on the internet so use a search engine like google. have fun.