January 2020

Yes, it’s late but I decided to start writing about it in February but this started back in January.

In this month is the new me, and a new journal and a new quest.

I had an average month but I could have done more which I design a journal which hopefully helps me inhabits, plans, mental, health etc.

Last year it was successful until I had a car crash which totally changes my life and fell off the journal rails.

So firstly I have decided to go back to the Cotswolds in March and finish it to put to rest the demon that haunts me.

Secondly, I brushed off the dust collected on my kettlebell and use it.
The exercises I used is to lift and the bell and twist your arm up and gently bring it down. Squat, swinging it between your legs using your hips, and windmill. If you want to google or YouTube it.

Thirdly going back to my last year’s journal and source the good out of it and what worked well.

So things will look up, clearing everything up, and enjoying life more. If it helps get a book plain, lined or what I’m using dotted. Look at Pinterest or google journal ideas to create your journal because what works well for me may not go well for you and also it’s more personal when you create it yourself.

The black hole did try and pull me in but not this year.

30-day journal prompt challenge

I’ve done a 30-day prompt journal challenge. It was interesting as I learnt more of myself and deep down inside me. It was painful at times, but I’m glad I have done it, and I can see what kind of character I am. So, I challenge you to the challenge. Here’s how I have done it. I chose a prompt from the list and wrote a few sentences. Here’s the list and there is no harm of making your own prompts. If you have your own share in the comment box and not the answer unless you are comfortable with it.

1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
2. The greatest advice I would give my teenage self is…
3. Make a list of 20 things that make you smile.
4. If I’m really honest. . .
5. What would your body say to you now if it could talk?
6. I feel most energised when I…
7. Who or what was your first love?
8. Make a list of 30 things that inspire you. It can include everything from people to books to places and paintings.
9. What does your most blissful day look like?
10. The words I intend to live by from here on in are. . .
11. What do you need to let go of right now?
12. How are you feeling right now?
13. I am. . .
14. I feel. . .
15. I do. . .
16. I love. . .
17. I see. . .
18. I understand. . .
19. What are you most afraid of revealing about yourself?
20. How have you grown from mistakes you’ve made in life?
21. What could you do to create more happiness in your life as you are living it right now?
22. Write your own obituary.
23. The best adventure I ever had began when. . .
24. If I wait to be ready, I’ll never. . .
25. I want. . .
26. Write the words you need to hear and from whom?
27. Make a list of everything you would like to say ‘yes’ to.
28. What 20 things are you grateful for in your life right in this moment?
29. Where would you live if you could live anywhere on the planet and why?
30. What has surprised you most about life so far?

Btw there is one thing I will mention now. I didn’t choose the prompt. It choose me!
The list was inspired and take from the internet and online course I have done

The grateful sparrow

Yes, weird title but just think what a sparrow or a bird. I say down thinking about life and problems etc. in the garden. Then a house sparrow came on to the bird feeder and started feeding. I watched it, and it took my mind off and thought it’s grateful for the birdseed and the help it through. Then I reflected myself from the event. I’ve got support, shelter, refreshments etc. and some people haven’t got the basic needs. Then I saw grandad struggling with housework, so I helped him, and he was grateful.
So be grateful for what we have got and helped those who need it because it will make the person and you feel better. Here’s a challenge or two,
1, every morning or night write down ten things you are grateful for daily.
2, take one of those items and drill into by why am I grateful like for me why I like learning new things? Because it teaches me new skills. Why you want new skills? Because it keeps my brain active. Keep going until you no longer can ask yourself why? And to make it more of a challenge do at least five why’s.

Fruitful fields

Our productivity fields can vary at any time. It can be barren, and you could probably imagine a tumbleweed going across. But next time you may see it full of abundance.
How did we do it? A lot of time, effort and care.

Keep working hard on the field and never give up.

Be patient everything needs time to grow

Water and look after your crops since they need nurturing through its young age.

Keep to your fields and work on them and see your fruits of your labour and don’t worry about your neighbours and never compare with them because you don’t know how long they have been working on their fields and you may lose focus and create mistakes which could cause you to lose all your hard work!

Positive and negative post it note challenge

Here’s a challenge for you, get two different coloured post-it notes. One colour representing positive and the other colour negative. Starting on one colour write a one-word attribute like confident in the dark then rip it off and throw it down. Then after you finish swap colours also in the dark and repeat. After you finish, turn the light on and see if you are positive or negative. If you are positive, keep it up. If your negative, it’s okay but just turns a few negative things into it’s opposite. You will feel better afterwards. for my results, I had more positive 3 times over than negative.

Stepping stones (life goals)

People asked me how did you write ten short stories in a few years almost a series. Well, I used stepping stones to reach my goal. My goal for writing is to write a 10 short stories series, and I’m about halfway of my sixth draft. But I broke it down to write a page of words daily a small stone I know yes but a page of words combined into a chapter. A group of chapters turn into a story. A group of stories into a series. So if you have any life goals that look hard or too long or too difficult. Break it down into smaller stones. Like Marathon start with one mile. A new musical instrument starts with getting used to playing it. Then one note at a time and so on.
Make your life goals, break them down and start working towards them.

What a mountain?


Yes, What a mountain to climb? It’s a big challenge standing at the foot of the mountain and looking all the way up. Along the mountain’s path it hit into barriers or obstacles. however after overcoming all the obstacles and barriers that tried to prevent us continuing or even worst give up we reach the summit which is rewarding and looking back down our path not only our obstacles we beat but the impressive achievement we accomplished. This includes the tasks we try to complete in our daily lives. so how do we achieve this magnitude of a task. With a few simple steps it will become easier.


This is very helpful. Doing our research on a task ahead we give an insight for what is about to come.


My brother once told me “Adrian, if you rush into things without being prepared. You’re going to get yourself killed!” lucky it was an adventure game I was playing on but he was right. You wouldn’t travel in a dessert without water, explore underwater without anything to aid you to breathe, or trekking around the Polar Regions in just shorts and t-shirt. Do the necessary preparations for the task ahead!

Get help

A task can be beyond our abilities or a one man task, so don’t be afraid to get help from a friend. This builds a good friendship bond.

Positive thinking

I can’t do this, I’m afraid of this, it’s too hard or I give up. These little things can hinder or defeat us before we even started out. Positively is a very good thing not only it can get rid the inner demons but also it makes a good driver for the challenge. So you can do it with a positive mind and never give up.


Our rewards are the biggest motivator. Dream about receiving the rewards like a certificate, trophy, or a picture will keep us going until the picture becomes reality.

Have a break

After time your become tired and energy less. Have a break to re focus yourself, and re energise.  Then continue with a fully restored body and mind.

Let’s celebrate

After achieving the task celebrate it. Celebrating an achieve makes you feel good and gives you the surge to another task.

Now trek up the mountain and get your reward!