Busy Bee and links

Hi there

I would to say thank you for waiting patiently for the get post. I have been busy with a lot of things.

Firstly, I had a tablet review and on the agreement from the doctors and me we have agreed to cut my medication from 20mg to 10mg

Secondly, I have been busy with a stall preparation and have been fully focus on it.

Thirdly, I have links to new accounts and pages that have been started up so feel free to look but sorry if they are bare however I try to update them after the stall.






End of an era


It’s very hard to depart with something that was overall reliable, a joy, and the main thing got me round to and from places especially from York and Canterbury. But now since it’s on its final run and chapter it’s time for me and the Punto to depart separate ways. However the next one is bigger, faster and better than the Punto and takes me even further than more meaning different areas of photography, places to see and new people to meet. So where shall I go on my next adventure.

forest fairy jewellery set

It was originally called a watermelon set however I renamed it to forest fairy. I used the red tiger’s eye as spacers and the agate and quartz has beads. I started making the bracelets, earrings and a hair come.

  IMG_5398 IMG_5397


Then I realise have I got enough red to make a necklace, which I did. Also keeping to the forest theme I made a tree pendant out of memory wire to finish the feature off.

IMG_5400 IMG_5399

the fairy forest collection can be used for everyday and/or festivals.


Silver beaded macramé bracelets


I discovered some silver beads on sale at the jewellery maker website along with some thread. So I experimented with the designs and manage to make five different coloured macramé style bracelets.





Red and green Christmas style


If your interested purchasing click on link below:

Silver carved aluminium coloured beads macramé style bracelets

Stormy Blue

After receiving two gemstone strands I wondered how am I going to make jewellery with these. I nearly added them to the stash box. Then something hit me. After doing the green goddess themed set I wondered if I can redesign the bracelet. Ten minutes later a new bracelet was forged then a few minutes later a hair come/pin piece was forged.


Using the charm idea from the bracelet new earrings was formed.


Finally I tried something different for the necklace main feature. I made a flower type thread with the gemstones with a long dangle.



Add the chain and clasp a new feature for the necklace was forged and a new set.