30-day journal prompt challenge

I’ve done a 30-day prompt journal challenge. It was interesting as I learnt more of myself and deep down inside me. It was painful at times, but I’m glad I have done it, and I can see what kind of character I am. So, I challenge you to the challenge. Here’s how I have done it. I chose a prompt from the list and wrote a few sentences. Here’s the list and there is no harm of making your own prompts. If you have your own share in the comment box and not the answer unless you are comfortable with it.

1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
2. The greatest advice I would give my teenage self is…
3. Make a list of 20 things that make you smile.
4. If I’m really honest. . .
5. What would your body say to you now if it could talk?
6. I feel most energised when I…
7. Who or what was your first love?
8. Make a list of 30 things that inspire you. It can include everything from people to books to places and paintings.
9. What does your most blissful day look like?
10. The words I intend to live by from here on in are. . .
11. What do you need to let go of right now?
12. How are you feeling right now?
13. I am. . .
14. I feel. . .
15. I do. . .
16. I love. . .
17. I see. . .
18. I understand. . .
19. What are you most afraid of revealing about yourself?
20. How have you grown from mistakes you’ve made in life?
21. What could you do to create more happiness in your life as you are living it right now?
22. Write your own obituary.
23. The best adventure I ever had began when. . .
24. If I wait to be ready, I’ll never. . .
25. I want. . .
26. Write the words you need to hear and from whom?
27. Make a list of everything you would like to say ‘yes’ to.
28. What 20 things are you grateful for in your life right in this moment?
29. Where would you live if you could live anywhere on the planet and why?
30. What has surprised you most about life so far?

Btw there is one thing I will mention now. I didn’t choose the prompt. It choose me!
The list was inspired and take from the internet and online course I have done

Boosting your memory


Have I locked the front door? What’s that person’s name? Where do I put those keys? When that persons birthday?

These questions are the most familiar ones we come across our daily lives. If it’s hard remembering and answering these questions then the World Memory Championships are out of the question since its memorizing words, decks of cards and numbers.

As I am trying to improve my brain mainly in Logic, Maths, Memory, Visual, and Focus, hoping to have a healthier mind and seeing if a myth is true ‘your only psychic if you use all parts of the brain’

Here are tips that will improve your memory:

Don’t cram

Never cram anything in one day instead spread it out into many days or weeks.

Use Images

Another way to remember something is to use pictures like if you met a person called Joe Well, imagine a well. You can get more creative with unusual names. Also the best thing is imagining is another part of your mind activated.

Create Cues

If you got something to do like taking a pill at a certain time, create a cue like watching your favourite program then after it ends take your pill.

Chunk it

If you have long bits of information like numbers or music sheets. Break it up into chunks. Like for example 87802345522340 break it into sections like 87 80 23 45 52 23 40

Be boring

The best way to remember stuff by putting them in the same place every time. Like for example I put my works stuff (clock card, dairy, cardinals card, cutter and keys to locker) in a neat pile on the table.

Omega –3

Omega-3, found mainly in oily fish (sardines and mackerel etc) as well as walnuts, pumpkin seeds, helps to build and maintain Myelin. Myelin in a fatty substance that helps the nervous system which fires up your concentration.

Healthy Diet

Eating eggs, liver, chicken and soybeans, can help to protect the brain and boost memory. Also eating dark leafy vegetables, berries, tomatoes, nuts and seeds are all good memory foods

Get Teaching

After learning something new teach to a friend or family because it will recollect the materials you have learnt.


Write information down instead of hammering at the keyboard helps your brain process the information. So get scribbling when learning

Repeat Again

Repeat information again (or verbal drilling it) can help it to stick it in there.

Challenge Yourself

Engaging activities that require your concentration like Sudoku, new language or new recipes helps you maintain your skills as you grow older.


This helps you relax as well as helping your decision making, attention and memory. Focus on an image, sound or your own.