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2015 collections

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Anglesey Abbey winter lights 2015


It was going to be a special evening, but my relationship fell apart however for me it wasn’t meant to be. So I decided to go alone. It cleared my head and travel around the site. But then after getting my pulled pork roll and hot drink I felt alone, knowing if it carried on I would have a lot more fun. So I carried on missing out a light and shadow performance. What caught my eye throughout the trail was how they used milk bottles and turned them into decoration


winter lights

Dahlia festival 2015

Walking around Anglesey abbey, a certain flower has overtaken the area and has been used to create artwork. The dahlia and there are all different kinds of them. Some are used to make the autumn baubles or use to wrap around a tree. Follow the trail to see what is waiting at the other end. Chilling along the river floating away as the world goes by.


Click on link below to see the beautiful colourful flowers


Dahlia festival 2015

16 sep23

16 sep64

Burys wolf trail

11 july23

Hidden around Bury St Edmunds are wolves. Searching high on rooftop and low as the pavement big as adults or small as printing blocks I manage to find 24 out 26 wolves. Almost a perfect hunt if I had an extra hour. The art work is incredible and I place my favourites on my Instagram account click on link below for all my pictures but if you count one wolf short. It’s because one of them was a motion pictures.

Burys wolf trail 11 july25

My ambitions list 2015 so far

At the beginning of the year I made a 2015 ambitions list and to remind people here it is


Charity work
Open an e-shop

Enter photography competitions regularly

Blogging on awareness, photography and other issues. /
Travel to different areas
more online college work at least three courses.

Believe in myself

Here is the list at the moment

Charity work
Open an e-shop

  • Riedal’s arts and crafts (in progress)

Enter photography competitions regularly

  • Natural photography group
  • East if England national trust
  • National geographic
  • View bug

Blogging on awareness, photography and other issues. /
Travel to different areas
More online college work at least three courses.

  • Buddhism
  • short story writing
  • photography master class

Believe in myself


You can create one of these at any time so give it go and remember it’s a marathon not a sprint

Anglesey Abbey 2015 snowdrop collection


Every year around February time I make my traditional pilgrimage to Anglesey abbey to see a very unique collection. There are 20 species and over 2000 varieties around the globe. I am going to see around 200 different varieties (estimate). The winter garden itself welcomes you with its fragrance, making you forget ‘it’s cold’ dotted around the estate is all different snowdrops. There were also other locations only ticket holders can go to. Lucky I had a ticket. It was very rewarding and eye catching to see all the different snowdrops even though they were breaking the life rules. Three outer and inner petals with two leaves. I still believe the best collections are flowers because they don’t move (unless you touch them or they dance in the gentle breeze) there are different varieties and you can spend all the time you want with them. Feel free to look at the photos below by clicking on the link and enjoy its beauty.

snowdrops 2015