forest fairy jewellery set

It was originally called a watermelon set however I renamed it to forest fairy. I used the red tiger’s eye as spacers and the agate and quartz has beads. I started making the bracelets, earrings and a hair come.

  IMG_5398 IMG_5397


Then I realise have I got enough red to make a necklace, which I did. Also keeping to the forest theme I made a tree pendant out of memory wire to finish the feature off.

IMG_5400 IMG_5399

the fairy forest collection can be used for everyday and/or festivals.


Jewellery for sale

Jewellery for sale sorry no international buyers at the moment, Need to do some research. click on link beside name

Tree of life – tree of life pendant

Bracelet and earrings – bracelet and earrings

Magnetic Rainbow Hematite three colour multi-colour tier macramé style bracelets – Magnetic Rainbow Hematite three colour multi-colour tier macramé style bracelets

Tree of life

After looking at my stash I thought to myself how about some trees of life. All you need is circular wire or memory wire, strands of wire and beads. Just create loops and spirals and bind the two together. Get the strands of wire place some beads on them near the middle and hoop it on to the memory wire. Start twisting and repeat with other strands of wire and twist one by one together. After twisting you have a tree of life which you can wear with anything.

The green goddess kit

After admiring the kit and gemstones I decided to make a completely different set.

Using the graduated gemstone I create a charm which can be used for a pendant or accessory.


Using the same idea I made a pair of earrings and lastly the bracelet.



With other beads I made an easy bracelet, and a pair of earrings.



Also I made a macramé style bracelet and a hair pin/come.



It took a lot of hard work to create these pieces, however it is worth.