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why riedal? because its part of an anagram i use to use but that’s another post.

worth the wait

During April I have been observing a nest site of a Canadian goose at one of my favourite places. Lackford lakes. 8 apr8At the beginning of the month I saw a nest and planned to observe it. But the problem was I had no idea when the eggs were laid. Every week I went back to see the nest and the eggs were still on show. Today I had a shock the nest wasn’t there as in parents gone and no eggs. I thought “oh no hope they are ok?” I walked further ahead and found this:30 l

It was worth the wait.

Always be patient with nature and you will never know what it will reveal.

My top 3 wildlife pictures

A friend asked me what your favourite photo of your collection is. I said I haven’t got one. However I do have three wildlife moments. Encountering a tawny owl, watching a stoat and stalking a heron.
The tawny owl was my first special moment. It happen January 2012 walking around wolves’ wood getting used to granddad’s camera. I heard a hoot at first thought my imagination, but I looked up and saw the tawny sitting on a perch. I manage to take one picture before it flew off.
tawny owl

The stoat was the next special moment in October 2013. I was walking through a forest when I hear a rustle in the leaves. It shot across the path and disappeared. I looked at the area and saw a rabbit and a hole. I spotted a tree stump and sat on it. I waited and peeked out of the hole was a stoat. I manage to get a picture of him and watch the stoat dragging his prey back to his den. I reckon a few people watch something like that and a handful filmed it.birds35
The heron was my third special moment in September 2014. I was walking around the grounds of chart well house. I walked around a hedge and it opened up. Near the lake about 10 metres was a heron stalking the lake. I kept a good distance between the heron and myself as it was watching me. I took a few pictures the heron as it accepted me as no threat.

My top three wildlife pictures but there are others a hawk crashing into the bushes, jackdaw foraging, fox running in a field and a kingfisher hunting. So what is my next one? Well it could be closer to home.

Anglesey Abbey 2015 snowdrop collection


Every year around February time I make my traditional pilgrimage to Anglesey abbey to see a very unique collection. There are 20 species and over 2000 varieties around the globe. I am going to see around 200 different varieties (estimate). The winter garden itself welcomes you with its fragrance, making you forget ‘it’s cold’ dotted around the estate is all different snowdrops. There were also other locations only ticket holders can go to. Lucky I had a ticket. It was very rewarding and eye catching to see all the different snowdrops even though they were breaking the life rules. Three outer and inner petals with two leaves. I still believe the best collections are flowers because they don’t move (unless you touch them or they dance in the gentle breeze) there are different varieties and you can spend all the time you want with them. Feel free to look at the photos below by clicking on the link and enjoy its beauty.

snowdrops 2015

wicken fen

I visited this place numberous of times specially in the summer with the different butterflies and dragonflies, however I was tipped of that owls were in the area. Unfortunately did not spot one and miss out on a lesser spotted wood pecker, however I did get a deer, green woodpecker, rat and other great birds. click on link below to view the album